What is Center of Entrepreneurship & Business „DĄBIE”?

A guide, support, an institution that wants to help people willing to act, people with an idea for their own company. If you are such a person we can offer you:

• accounting service
• legal and business advice
• learning the attitude of entrepreneurship and management
• development of the idea and product
• creative cooperation on the business model
• getting to know market realities
• support in negotiations, raising funds and network of contacts, writing applications, marketing activities
• facilitating formal business operations

Motivation is what lets you get started,
habit – that allows you to persevere.
We will build your habit.

We also conduct pre-incubation for students and graduates of the Wrocław University of Technology where you can create your own brand but you do not have to set up your own business

What features should you encourage?

People can be really smart or have skills that are ‘in point’ in a given situation / job but if they do not believe in their skills they will not be able to give 100%.
Stanford University (2005)

All you have to do is have an idea, believe in yourself and show willingness to act and be open to share your own idea. We are just looking for people with passion and help them to reach their goals.

Are you afraid that someone can steal your idea?

We have created a confidentiality procedure that obliges us to keep your ideas in secret.

We will not leave you alone if you need us!

After the cooperation we try to create a strategy for future. We also want to maintain further contact which may be a benefit for both sides. We want to strengthen our pre-incubists, provide them with qualifications that will enable them to build their own business independently.

With us you can build something amazing

We help in the development of both common ideas (jewelry production, dietary advice) and the most modern ideas such as 3D printing.

We want to support you. However who help us?

Our main partners are the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator of the Wrocław University of Technology and the Manus Foundation.

What do we want for our help, advice, experience and many more?

The commission we expect is only 8% on income. That’s it.

How can you contact us?

Centrum Przedsiębiorczości i Biznesu „DĄBIE”
Wróblewskiego 38
51-627 Wrocław
e-mail: dabie@manus.pl
telephone: +48 661 769 212