In Center of Business and Entrepreneurship “Dabie” thanks to cooperation between Foundation MANUS and Association Hackerspace Wroclaw was founded technological workshop (open lab) with electronical and mechanical profile.

Workshop is dedicated not only for handymen and hobbyist, but also professionals, it would be helpful in prototyping and low volume manufacturing. Beyond regular activities there will be organized monthly educational events – trainings focused on electronics, mechanics, engineering design and computer science.

For visitors there are prepared 2 stand for electronical works, 2 stands for mechanical and assembly works, 1 stand for 3D printing and few free-work stands for general purposes. In the nearest future we plan to established stands for designing CAD/EDA, welding and CNC.

Available equipment and tools on electronic stands:
– soldering iron, hot-air rework station,
– digital oscilloscope,
– logic analyzer,
– lab power supply,
– multimeters,
– wire strippers and cutters, crimping tool,
– PCB and wire soldering holders,
– magnifying glass lamp,
– 3D printers.
Available equipment and tools on mechanical and assembly stands:
– screwdrivers, wrenches (flat, eye, socket), allen keys
– pliers, wire and plate cutters,
– pincers,
– bar clamps and vise,
– callipers, measure tapes,
– table and belt grinders,
– angle and rotary grinders,
– hand, tenon and fret saws,
– wire and miter electric saws,
– jigsaw,
– column drill, hand drills, cordless drills,
– plane tools, chisels, files.

Attention! In workshop one use its own consumables.

Access to workshop is based on subscription fee per person:

Time span Prize [net]
1 week 50 PLN
1 month 150 PLN
3 months 400 PLN

Workshop is open Mon-Fri in 9.00 AM – 3.00 PM. Access in other hours is possible via contacting with workshop crew.

Workshop tutor (Center): Marek Górniak (tel. +48 661 769 212, available in 8.00 AM-4.00 PM).

Workshop tutor (Hackerspace): Franciszek Maroszek (, available in 4.00 PM-8.00 PM).